+the moving bodies*, that  stand still in____________paintings -------I speculate: “Oh,so....++****graphic!”


glitsch.porn (wt)

 performative installation with readings, multichannel soundlayers and visuals
ongoing project with Sebastian Gebhart, 2019

shown at Greller Keller, Schlachthaustheater Bern, March 2019

Digital Touch

interactive audio-video installation
with Verena Haltenberger
FH Potsdam 2018

An attempt to make the multilayered reality of the digital world visible.

The installation consists of two laptops each facing the same projection surface from opposite sites. Every computer is installed in a home desk setting, but connected to a projector and speakers. The laptops are connected via skype. The screens of the computers show an example of a digital encounter, while the projection surface display the skype based camera views in an overlapping manner. The spectator is invited to experience the multilayers of the installation. His image and movements become part of the experience itself. The soundscape is a mixture of literature based research and the live developing noises through the spectators interactions oscillating via skype.


the archaic romance (in) between the ordinary modern structures of the city and the flesh

spatial Installation
video and multichannelled sound
FH Potsdam 2019
This Video and Sound Installation deals with an abstract glimpse on the entangled structures and relations between the human as a (living) body out of flesh and the city as a (lifeless) creature hidden underneath the outer skin of asphalt.