+the moving bodies*, that  stand still in____________paintings -------I speculate: “Oh,so....++****graphic!”



Lichtinstallation gegen den Abriss des alten FH Gebäudes in Potsdam

freies Projekt mit politischem Hintergrund:
fachübergreifende Zusammenarbeit
von Studierenden der FH Potsdam
Winter 2017

seen at “Unterwegs im Licht” in Potsdam, Jan 2017


Massage of Internet (working title)

mixed media performance based on Marshall McLuhans book: The  medium is the massage (1967)
exhibited at FH Potsdam, spring 2017
and at Open House, HyperWerk, HGK Basel Jan 2018

Haben die Medien dich wieder malträtiert?

Drücken deine medialen Knotenpunkte, die Empfänger der allgegenwärtigen medialen Erregung? Zucken deine Augen von der Bilderflut, die du dir täglich über all diese Internetplattformen reinziehst? Unverarbeitet in Gehirnbahnen stecken geblieben.

Lass dich von der



Durch Reibung der geschwollenen Stellen deines Körpers werden die medialen Knotenpunkte gelockert und der Schmerz beseitigt. Die Reibung erfolgt auf Kenntnis der Verknüpfungsbahnen zwischen Medien und Mensch. Die Massage arbeitet mit den sich in ständiger Erregung befindlichen menschlichen Antennen und schickt Content über ihre Kanäle an dein Gehirn. Es passiert auf diesem Weg alle verspannten Knotenpunkte und lockert diese auf.

mehr informationen über den Hintergrund des Projektes? 
Yes, please!

the setting: the buttons trigger several vibration motors, built in in the massagebed, the person laying on the massagebed gets distractet while watching a media collage


a Project about how to raise awareness of climate change
thoughts within a workshop with Nadim Samman

HyperWerk, HGK Basel, 2018

New Orleans needs a horn!

When accelerating ice loss from Greenland and Antarctica are factored into sea level projections, the estimated sea level rise by 2100 is between 75cm to 2 metres.

One resulting Problem:

The Eagle Saloon will then be ruined by the high humidity and the absence of people.

Back Then

The Eagle Saloon, close to the French Quarter, was one of the hot spots for street performers in the early 1900s.


Charles Joseph „Buddy“ Bolden (* 6. September 1877 in New Orleans; † 4. November 1931) was a popular cornetist in New Orleans at the very beginning of the 20th century. He is often claimed as the father of jazz. Bolden created a looser, more improvised version of ragtime and added blues to it. Bolden‘s Band often played in front of the Eagle Saloon.


And Now

The Eagle Saloon still stands as a building, but its neighborhood has changed frequently during the last decades. It is now situated in between parking spaces. An Initiative is working on keeping the bilding as a jazz memorial.

The Eagle Saloon?


It was at the corner of Rampart and Perdidio, where Louis Armstrong (* 4. August 1901 in New Orleans; † 6. Juli 1971 in New York City) would famously fire a gun in the air to ring in 1913. He was arrested and taken to the Colored Waif’s Home.

Armstrong was 12 at that time.

At Colored Waif’s Home for Boys he learned how to play the cornet. He became one of the most influental figures in Jazz.





The Big Horn Thing
will get peoples attention on the fact of rising sea levels, the loss of great monuments and the power of music.

A Monument

to create awareness about rising sea levels.

A Monument

to honor the history
of the spot.

A Monument

to give music the power to reach out for distance.


The horn as a symbol

A modern ship horn, used for ships 200m of length or longer.
Reliability of the ships horn is critical to maintaining the safety of the vessel and her crew. With rising sea levels ships get important, as well as the safety of the citizens living in dangerzones.

A cornet of the early 1900s.
A type of horn.
Music gathers people together and stands, especially in New Orleans,
for a new beginning
and a freedom of choice.

A Monument to give the ghost of Buddy Bolden a chance to play at his favourite spot.

Even when New Orleans is flooded the former citizens can hear him play from a far distance.