Lotta&Thomas aka Carlotta Thomas

Lotta and Thomas is a pseudonym, 2 egos for one person, different perspectives and experiments. The site gives a glimpse into different creative works, projects and experiments by Carlotta Thomas.The result is never clean nor finished.
We ask answers and give questions. In pieces and alone. 

Lotta&Thomas aka Carlotta Thomas was born in Bonn, Germany. She moved to Berlin with the age of 20 to study architecture. In the studies, she could find discipline, rules, and structures. That, what she couldn’t find, was the project leading and form giving idea. She than began to study communication design in Potsdam. Open structures, lessons in product design, media arts, process and speculative design allow her to develope her own ideas and express them within the media of choice. Carlotta is currently at HyperWerk (institute for postindustrial design, HGK FHNW) in Basel, seeking for the support of humorous projects in even more open structures.


2014-2015: architecture, FH Potsdam

2014-present: communication design, FH Potsdam

2017-2018: postindustrial design, HyperWerk, HGK Basel

since 2016: Freelancer, Illustration and Photography

Gestaltung als zwiespältige Chance

Ich möchte ausprobieren, exerzieren, exzerpieren, experimentieren, in die Zukunft denken und Schabernack treiben.
Das Medium ist der Idee untergeordnet.
Fragen sind wichtiger als Antworten.